Lesson 1. Course Orientation

This lesson is intended to assist you in getting started on track. The objective is to familiarize you with resources and procedures to ensure your success. Lessons include:

  1. Syllabus Review
  2. Course Calendar
  3. Taking Quizzes and Exams
  4. Semester Overview
  5. Online learning community: Introductions
  6. Review and Checklist
  7. Communicating Virtually

Points: 50 (+ 8.33 participation points)

Estimated assignment time: 2 hours

Due: Friday, May 18, 11:59P

1.1 Syllabus Review

The syllabus is the most important document in any class. It provides the procedures and policies necessary for your success in the class and serves as a contract between you and the instructor.

  • Read the .pdf of the course syllabus here. You will be quizzed on this information later in this assignment.

1.2 Subscribe to the Course Calendar

All students and working professionals need to be familiar with time mangement using calendar software. Google calendar and Microsoft Outlook are two of the most popular calendar applications.

  • www.google.com/calendar: Google Calendar is recommended if you are a gmail user, or do not own Microsoft Office. You will need to sign up for a Google account for our online community, which will also provide you access to Google Calendar.
  • www.outlook.com: Sign up for Microsoft Outlook if you are a Microsoft Office user or work in an environment where Outlook is used.

Once you have subscribed, due dates, quiz and exam dates, and deadlines will be shown on your calendar. Any update or changes made by the instructor (and they have been known to happen) will be reflected on your calendar.

The course calendar can also be accessed directly online at for the Summer session.

IMPORTANT NOTE! Due dates may possibly change over the course of the semester as the instructor adjusts to student's learning pace. Do not use printed copies of the calendar. Check the online calendar each week.

1.3 Taking Weekly Quizzes and the Final Exam

You will be quizzed on each weekly lesson. First, complete the lesson assignment for the week. Next, log into your Learning For Life account and take the quiz for the appropriate week electronically.

1.4 Semester Overview

For a quick overview of the course flow, visit the Course Overview page: Course Overview. This will provide you an outline of the weekly objectives for the course.

1.5 Introducing Yourself to the Online Community

The particpation points for the class are based on regular posting to the Google+ online community. Specific exercises will ask you to post to the community, sometimes displaying your work for feedback.

This course requires you to have a Google account.

  • Students who already have a Google account may use their existing account for this course.
  • Students without a Google account will need to generate an account at accounts.google.com.
  • Add a profile photo and whatever information you are comfortable sharing on your profile.

Your Google account provides you with access to Google+, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs, and a host of other Google apps.

Privacy concerns? If you are concerned about Google tracking you online, create a new Google account using an anonymous name. If you choose this option, email me rlfowler@fsu.edu to let me know who to look for in the community. I need to know who you are for applying participation points correctly. Only use the account for coursework, don't use Gmail, or other Google apps. Make sure to log off whenever you finish with your coursework.

Join the DIG3118/Digital Graphic Design Summer 2018 Google+ Community

The community is named "2018 Summer - CAPD Digital Graphic Design" IN GOOGLE+. https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/106687106716459758854

*NOTE_ you must first REQUEST to join before posting. This is not automatic. You will have to be patient until I log-in and approve your request. I do this to keep the community to only registered students. Write a BRIEF message about yourself to share with the community.

Click here for instructions on posting images and copying the URL of your post.

Submitting your post link for grading

  • Return to the Learning For Life portal for the class.
  • Under "1. Course Orientation", click the SUBMIT Assignment 1 link (see the red circle in the screenshot below)

  • In the resulting window, click ADD SUBMISSION (see the red circle in the screenshot below)

  • In the resulting window, type your Google+ username, paste the link from the Google+ post, wish the grader a good day, and click SAVE CHANGES (see the screenshot below)

  • In the resulting window, click SUBMIT.
  • NOTE: This is how all assignments will be submitted including assignments with files uploaded for submission.
  • 1.6 Review and Checklist for the Week's Lesson Assignment


    Grading Check List

    read course syllabus
    added course calendar
    log into Learning For Life portal
    reviewed course overview
    set up Google account with profile photo
    joined Google+ Community
    posted introduction in Google+ community
    replied to two classmate intros in the community
    submitted post link and Google+ username to the Learning For Life portal
    completed quiz 1 on Learning For Life portal


    Testable Items

    • Point scale for grading the course
    • Requesting late submissions
    • Penalty for late submissions
    • Percentage of grade based on posting to the Google+ online learning community
    • Percentage of grade based on completing weekly lesson assignments